Von Freunden

Blog, Blogger, am Bloggsten

Von Freunden

Blog, Blogger, am Bloggsten

Wir haben lange recherchiert und uns führende Wissenschafter zu Rate gezogen: Es scheint als ob es noch andere Individuen gibt, die ihre Zeit nutzen, um ihre Erfahrungen in diesem Internet zu teilen. Knorke was einige von ihnen schon so auf den Monitor bekommen haben. Das erkennen wir anstandslos an und bringen auf dieser Seite ab und an etwas #vonfreunden.

On Brink

#onbrink ist der Blog von Christina Brink, es geht vor allen um unser Lieblingsland Australien. Ihr Blog ist sehr interessant, lesenswert und bekommt ganz dicke thumbs up von uns. Sie erzählt von ihrer Reise mit ihrem Freund Chris durch Down Under, ihren Erlebnissen, Tipps und sehenswerten Orten entlang der Ostküste. Weiter so – wir sind gespannt auf mehr!


P.S.: Nicht vergessen sie auf youtube zu abonnieren!

Deine Plattform für Reiseinspiration


#conntrip ist eine Plattform für Reiseblogs, in der Australiensparte gibt es da noch nicht so viel wie in manch anderen Abteilungen der Seite aber dafür sind wir ja da 🙂

mehr zu lesen gibt es hier

5 star review  I booked the 4 day trip Uluru to Uluru and it probably was the best tour I did while travelling in Australia. Sleeping under the stars in a swag by a camp fire really gives you the opportunity to experience the Outback. Patrick was an awesome guide, he always made sure that every single one in the group is looked after and is happy. He told us a lot about the culture and the area during the hikes at Uluru, the Olgas and Kings Canyon. Especially the hand picked wake up songs that he played was a great way to be woken up to get up in time to see the sun rise. One night Patrick even cooked right inside the fire with us which really completed the camping outback experience. The food was always very tasty and more than enough for everybody. After three amazing days we had a great end of the tour party at the rock bar with Patrick and almost the whole group (some were too tired, they missed out though). I would recommend this tour to everybody, the only change I would make is booking the three day tour, fly in to Uluru and back out from Alice Springs to avoid the bus trip back to the airport on day four if you can get cheap flights. If you are looking for a camping experience and do not need hotel rooms and the newest busses that trip is the one you want to go for! If you are lucky you might even get Patrick as your guide.

thumb Jan Kramer

5 star review  Totally agree with Eny. My brother and I were on the same trip and we had the best time. Thank you Patrick Privat you are AWESOME 🙂

thumb Melissa Devine

5 star review  Patrick provided an all round fantastic day. His sense of humour made the trip fun and he made us feel like a family. He is very knowledgeable of our Australian indigenous communities and the landscape. It was a long day but certainly didn't feel that way. Highly recommend!

thumb Lisa Walton