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5 star review  Absolutely awesome tour at one of the most serene places in Australia. Loved it from start to finish. Our tour guide was Patrick who was fantastic! One of the best tour guides I've encountered and just a cool person generally. I shall not be forgetting going to sleep with the Milky Way as a ceiling anytime soon! Thank you Rock Tours! Have fun!

thumb Xin Ran Liu

5 star review  Such an amazing trip. 3 day trip from Alice Springs to Alice Springs, had the best time and would highly recommend it! Thank you Patrick! ���

thumb Lucy Rose Slatter

5 star review  What a tour- every minute of it was just awesome. Thanks to Patrick who did not just call us family but made each one of us feel like family. It is generally hard to get along with people in a tour which is just 4 days but Patrick made it all happen. He was professional, funny so organised, hardworking and a great tour leader who brought 19 people together to make us feel like family. I spoke to a most of the family on our tour and all of them said it has been one of the best tours they have been too. Credit definately goes to Patrick. I even left behind my sunglasses in Alice springs, one text message to him and everything has been sorted and my glasses is on it way. The Admin of Rock tour straight away got to me via email once patrick advised them of my glasses. Thanks Patrick and The Rock tour for putting up an awesome 4 days tour.

thumb Andrea Crake